I teach online and provide many different types of classes.
Look below to find the perfect class for you.

Private lessons
(for one or two students who want personal support)
• The course will be specially designed for you.
• We can focus on speaking, exam preparation, business English or anything you need.

Group lessons
(for three or four students who like to learn with others)
• General English or conversation practise.
• Students of the same level will work together and students’ interests, hobbies and language goals will be included.

Intensive exam courses
(for students who want to improve quickly)
A weekly intensive exam course (for CAE, FCE, IELTS, TOEFL, CPE and more).
You will have one or two private lessons every day and complete exam activities, Monday to Friday.

Special and unique classes
(for students who want something different)
• Classes with work colleagues or friends who want to learn together in a relaxed and sociable way.
Students who want to study English for specific professions (for example medicine, engineering and more).
• English with games – Group lessons with speaking and writing games.
• Roleplay groups – I am an expert DM. Play D&D and other roleplay games to combine learning English with your hobby.

or whatever class you need!

For more information please contact me. We can organise a meeting to talk online and choose the perfect course for you.
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About me –

I am a CELTA qualified teacher who has worked in England, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic. I have over seven years of experience teaching English.

I specialise in teaching higher level English, English for exams and English for professionals.
I am known for creating interesting and interactive lessons. Thousands of teachers all over the world use the activities from my website in their classrooms.

I have won five awards from the British Council and I have written articles for Cambridge University Press, The British Council and International House.

Reviews from students:

“I studied with Mike and he is an excellent teacher. Very dynamic and concerned with the evolution of his students. Each class was extremely creative, using a series of audio, video, internet and grammar resources, which means that we can have a rapid and consistent evolution in listening, speaking and grammar at the same time, in a very natural way. I recommend him with great confidence! ”

Érika, Brazil

“Lessons with Mike were just perfect! They combine quality content and are great fun. Mike really took care of my language skills and prepared me well for the FCE exam. I highly recommend attending his classes and guarantee that you won’t be bored.”

Bartek, Poland

“I contacted Michael because I needed extra help to get prepared for the TOEFL. It all went well, but I am not only writing this piece of recommendation because I got the scores that I was looking for. I am writing this because Michael is a really great teacher. He is able to adjust to his student’s needs. As I was about to do a huge test, he was all the time correcting the things that I was doing wrong, but he was also pointing out what I was doing right, because he knew I needed to be confident to be able to succeed. I was also very impressed by the amount of time and efforts that he put on creating material for my TOEFL preparation – from finding articles and TEDX to match to the writing task that you need to read a passage and listen to a talking to summarise and compare both. Besides all that, Michael also loves games, so his lessons are entertaining and very different from each other. And at the same time you learn proper English, he is also able to teach you some young expressions, so I feel more comfortable to communicate with different groups of people.”

Lara, Brazil