Hi Everyone. I’d like to invite you to a free online talk on game design. Join me next Friday – 13th November at 3pm (UK time).

Email mikeastburyteaching@gmail.com to register

Everyone who joins will get practical tips on designing games and a look at my process, starting with an initial idea and ending up with an adaptable and reusable classroom game.

The aim is to demonstrate how teachers can expand upon their existing strategies in lesson planning to build new games, and adapt their favourite activities.

This will include games both in the classroom and online, and will look broadly at key concepts and best practices when designing teaching materials.

To register, just send me an email to: mikeastburyteaching@gmail.com and I will send an invite link to the event one hour before the talk.

The session will be about 45 minutes and there’ll be some time for questions at the end.

Thanks, I’ll see you then!

I am also available to teach online and still have some space for new students. For more information follow the link below: