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Encouraging self correction

I think it can be extremely useful to include additional steps in your feedback to allow students to self-correct. If students are given a chance to examine, and re-examine, their own work, they are more likely to spot mistakes and learn... Continue Reading →

Games to practise grammar in class – to be able to

In this post I'd like to outline an example of using games to encourage collaboration. The games can be found on the British Council site 'Voices' and you can follow the link by clicking here. Below I've written a bit... Continue Reading →

Error Correction Quiz

I try to add some variety when I do error correction with my class. The quiz format, with the class split into teams and competing for points, works very well in adding a little extra motivation and team work. My... Continue Reading →

Wits and wagers – Error correction game

Wits and Wagers is a fun and light game about betting on other people's knowledge. This adaptation takes that idea and uses it to encourage students to discuss and analyse their answers and compare them to the rest of the... Continue Reading →

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