The Yawhg is an enchanting story telling game on PC. It makes a perfect end of term treat for older teen, and adult, classes that appreciate something a little different. It involves reading, discussion and decision making in small groups. Small classes could play on a laptop, but otherwise you’ll need access to a projector or large screen.

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In the game, four characters decide how they should spend their last six weeks in town, before an unknowable disaster arrives: The Yawhg. As they choose where to go, they are confronted with choices that will shape the story and change their characteristics. Once the six weeks are up, and the Yawhg has arrived, each character must make a final decision that will either save or doom the town.

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Playing the game in class, students are put into four groups, with each group taking the role of one of the characters. They’ll make their choices together, and as they play the story unfolds. As each choice impacts the town, and the situations that will occur later in the game, students will see that their decisions have directly influenced the story.

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Each situation is beautifully illustrated and imaginatively described. The game uses quite advanced vocabulary, and includes some adult themes, so I would only play it with students at least 16 years old, and at upper-intermediate level or above. I have yet to introduce this to a class who didn’t enjoy it wholeheartedly, but those with a particular fondness for fantasy and horror will get the most from the experience.

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I love the game, and have introduced it to friends and family, as well as students. I’ve used it to support a Halloween lesson, inspiring students to create their own fantasy and horror stories. You could also use the game to introduce the concept of ‘choose your own adventure’ stories, and get students to work in groups to make stories with different endings depending on the reader’s choices.

The game was made by Damian Sommer and Emily Carroll and you can purchase it from the website here:

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This was a bit of a departure from my usual lesson plans and language focused games (some of which you can find by clicking here). Let me know if you’d like to see more reviews in the future.

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