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Classmates Quiz

This is a highly adaptable activity that can be used with various language structures and vocabulary. It requires very little preparation and helps students produce the target language in discrete, logical stages. In the example we're looking at the present... Continue Reading →

Students make their own ‘gap fill’ puzzles

This activity is designed to  recycle new vocabulary and help students produce it and put it in context. In the example my upper intermediate class are revising a set of binomials that we'd studied in the previous lesson from English... Continue Reading →

Deduction Puzzle

This activity was designed for PET speaking part 3 but can also be used to practise using modals of deduction and describing people's features, clothing or mood. It is ideal for students who find exam practice stressful and is great... Continue Reading →

Story cubes – Circle writing with narrative tenses

Story cubes are dice with unique pictures on every side. I've been using story cubes in the classroom since before my CELTA, when I was volunteering and I had no idea what to do with early finishers. I would often... Continue Reading →

Pronunciation game ‘-ed’

This is a game designed for students to identify and practise the pronunciation of '-ed' in the past simple/past participle forms of regular verbs. It comes with three sets of cards at three levels of difficulty, so it can be... Continue Reading →

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