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The Prediction Game

The lesson plan below shows how you can adapt a textbook or exam based listening activity. The focus is on exploiting the students' own knowledge, and the language in the text, by spending more time examining the language before and... Continue Reading →

Make and Do – Collocation Revision

This is a quick lesson, including a couple of games, to practise and revise collocations with 'make' and 'do'. There's very little preparation required and it's highly adaptable for use with other lexis or grammar points. The example below is... Continue Reading →

I wish

This is an adaptable freer practice activity which I have used when teaching various grammar structures. In this example we're looking at 'I wish...' with the past simple. I have Jane-Maria Harding da Rosa to thank for this activity. She... Continue Reading →

Practical speaking activity – Lost luggage at the airport

This is a practical speaking lesson, designed to be part of a task based learning style lesson for a strong intermediate class. The material is adaptable for a variety of levels. [CLICK HERE to download the handouts.]    Lead in... Continue Reading →

Helping students get good marks in exam writing – organisation

This post outlines some activities to help students write well organised pieces of writing, specifically addressing the Cambridge exam mark scheme. I wrote a post about 'content' last week that you can find by clicking here. In the example we're... Continue Reading →

Quick lesson – Housemates

Speaking lesson - describing people and personalities This activity has been made for a strong intermediate or upper-intermediate class. Below you will find everything you need including the worksheet, full instructions and some additional ideas. Before the lesson print and... Continue Reading →

Lesson plan – Schools in Finland

Authentic Materials - listening lesson Here is a listening lesson and webquest. It includes a lesson plan, worksheets and links to resources. You can use it in class with your students, or give them the webquest worksheet for them to... Continue Reading →

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