Authentic Materials – listening lesson

Here is a listening lesson and webquest. It includes a lesson plan, worksheets and links to resources. You can use it in class with your students, or give them the webquest worksheet for them to work independently on a computer at school or at home.

The following lesson is based on an article and video from the BBC.

The article can be found here:

and you can find the video here:


(The video no longer works in the original article, so thanks to Kami in the comments below who found it on youtube)


Lesson plan and teacher’s notes

Worksheet for students

Webquest for students

(Download the webquest if you want to allow your students to work independently, or in pairs, and they have access to a computer)

This lesson was written with upper-intermediate teenagers in mind but with extra support could be done with a good intermediate class. The lesson would also be suitable for adults, especially those with an interest in education. The lesson uses a video for the listening but the lesson could be done without a visual element.

Thanks for reading!

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Worksheet preview:

worksheet preview