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Adapting games

I wish

This is an adaptable freer practice activity which I have used when teaching various grammar structures. In this example we're looking at 'I wish...' with the past simple. I have Jane-Maria Harding da Rosa to thank for this activity. She... Continue Reading →

Playing board games in class – Adapting ‘roll and move’ games

When you look online for grammar or vocabulary board games you often find simple 'roll and move' games. This post will look at ways we can expand this style of board game to make it more fun and a better... Continue Reading →

Simple games you can use with the coursebook

Adapting coursebook material - reading and listening texts With most of my classes I have a set coursebook to follow and I often look for ways to adapt texts or individual exercises to include little games. This post will introduce... Continue Reading →

Monikers (a.k.a. Celebrities) – An adaptable game to revise vocabulary

Celebrities is a fun game about describing people in a variety of different ways. This adaptation replaces celebrities with sets of vocabulary. The game is highly adaptable to any set of vocabulary for elementary level and above. In my example... Continue Reading →

Wits and wagers – Error correction game

Wits and Wagers is a fun and light game about betting on other people's knowledge. This adaptation takes that idea and uses it to encourage students to discuss and analyse their answers and compare them to the rest of the... Continue Reading →

Drawful – Drawing game for lexical chunks

This is an adaptation of a fun and inventive game that was released just last year. While the original game is played on a computer, this adaptation for the classroom is played on paper. This is a perfect game for... Continue Reading →

First, Second and Third Conditionals Game

Truth be told is a game that encourages players to be creative. It’s similar to games like Dixit, Absolute Boulderdash and Pictionary which create a context for players to be interesting and entertaining. We can adapt these games by slightly... Continue Reading →

Pictionary for lexical chunks

Pictionary is a great game for some quick revision of vocabulary, and I'm sure most teachers use it in the classroom. However this adaptation seeks to go further, and allows for freer practice of lexical chunks in an extended form... Continue Reading →

Adapting games – Apples to apples

Apples to apples is a word association game in which players match nouns and verb phrases to adjectives. Its popularity can be attributed to the funny combinations that come up and the simplicity of its design. I'll be showing you... Continue Reading →

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