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Word Formation 2 – Adjectives

This is a follow up on the word formation game I made last month. It extends the game and reinforces the importance of spelling. I've also included a new set of cards with adjectives. Click here to download the game... Continue Reading →

Quick Discussion Activity – Cities and Amenities

Here's a quick speaking game that encourages collaboration and improvisation. It was designed to help students practise FCE speaking part 3, but would be suitable for general English classes too. The cards you need to play the game can be... Continue Reading →

Word formation – a game to practise noun suffixes

This is a quick and simple game to practise word formation, in this case making nouns from verbs and adjectives using suffixes. This post includes everything you need to play the game and illustrated step by step instructions. This was... Continue Reading →

Five simple games for teaching vocabulary

Here are some games you can use for practising and revising a set of vocabulary with pictures. I have included a demonstration set but these games could be used with any lexical set with slight modifications. These games are motivating,... Continue Reading →

Classmates Quiz

This is a highly adaptable activity that can be used with various language structures and vocabulary. It requires very little preparation and helps students produce the target language in discrete, logical stages. In the example we're looking at the present... Continue Reading →

Practical speaking activity – Lost luggage at the airport

This is a practical speaking lesson, designed to be part of a task based learning style lesson for a strong intermediate class. The material is adaptable for a variety of levels. [CLICK HERE to download the handouts.]    Lead in... Continue Reading →

Games and Strategies to practise Key Word Transformations

This post will outline a number of ways to practice key word transformations from the Cambridge exams while revising grammar rules, vocabulary and register. All of the ideas in this post were designed with PET, FCE and CAE classes in... Continue Reading →

Helping students get good marks in exam writing – organisation

This post outlines some activities to help students write well organised pieces of writing, specifically addressing the Cambridge exam mark scheme. I wrote a post about 'content' last week that you can find by clicking here. In the example we're... Continue Reading →

Helping students get good marks in exam writing – Content

This post outlines an activity to help students focus on following the instructions in exam questions and include everything that's required. This is specifically addressing 'content' in the Cambridge exam mark scheme. Content - Answer the Question This is a... Continue Reading →

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