This post is a brief outline of a teacher development session I’ve presented several times so far this year, including the IH Brno and IH Minsk conferences. This post is primarily a series of links, each of which is a self-contained lesson plan or activity connected to role play in the classroom.

First, here’s a link to a more traditional role play lesson. Students play the role of passengers who’ve lost their luggage and the airport staff who have been asked to help them find it.

I’ve included all of the handouts you’d need for the lesson, as well as a guide to adapting the level of difficulty for your students.

Link – lost luggage lesson plan


Next, here’s a couple of versions of ‘micro-role play’, where students are encouraged to practice various language structures in a creative way. The links include full instructions and game cards to print.

Link – micro role play (jobs and future time expressions)

Link – micro role play – upper intermediate and advanced


Finally, I introduced a more complicated role play game, designed to help students practise discussing problems and coming to agreements. Follow the link to get a version I made, as well as a template for you, or your students, to use in the creation of your own role play adventures.

Link – random role plays – hiking adventure

Hiking Adventure - pic01

I’ve had an excellent time at the various conferences and teacher development events I’ve attended so far this year. It’s great to meet people who share my enthusiasm for teaching English.

Thanks for reading!

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